Palestra PEQ Combining Plasma and CatalysisData: 07/04/2017 (sexta-feira)
Horário: 10:00h/12:00h
Local: Centro de Tecnologia - Bloco G - Sala 121


Prof. Dr. Ir. Leon Lefferts
Catalytic Processes and Materials
MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Twente

The lecture will start with a short overview on oxy-cracking of hydrocarbons over LiMgO catalyst. Radical species are being generated on the surface f the catalyst, inducing radical chain reactions in gas-phase. Non-equilibrium plasma was used in an attempt to generate these radicals independently, which lead us to the question how plasma’s and catalyst can cooperate. Therefore, the concepts of plasma will be explained and very recent results of two examples will be presented, i.e. methane coupling and ammonia synthesis

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