photo 2018-03-29 12-47-33Algoritmos e Aplicações

Autores: Argimiro R. Secchi e Evaristo C. Biscaia Jr.

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Emerging, Consolidated Technologies and Introduction to Molecular Techniques

Nesse livro, a Prof. Márcia Dezotti, o Prof. Geraldo Lippel e o Prof. João Paulo Bassin descrevem as técnicas mais recentes de tratamento biológico de águas residuais.

Autores:  Márcia Dezotti, Geraldo Lippel, João Paulo Bassin

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3527337636This comprehensive handbook and ready reference details all the main achievements in the field of perovskite-based and related mixed-oxide materials. The authors discuss, in an unbiased manner, the potentials as well as the challenges related to their use, thus offering new perspectives for research and development on both an academic and industrial level.

Editor(s): Pascal Granger, Vasile I. Parvulescu, Vasile I. Parvulescu, Wilfrid Prellier

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chemical reaction engineeringThe book Chemical Reaction Engineering: Essentials, Exercises and Examplespresents the essentials of kinetics, reactor design and chemical reaction engineering for undergraduate students. Concise and didactic in its approach, it features over 70 resolved examples and many exercises.

Autor: Martin Schmal

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