29 05 noticia flowsimulationPalestrante: Dr.-Ing. Mark W. Hlawitschka - Lehrstuhl für Thermische Verfahrenstechnik - TU Kaiserslautern

Data: 30/05/2019 (quinta-feira)
Horário: 13:30
Local: Centro de Tecnologia - Bloco G - Sala 119

Resumo: Multiphase flows are omnipresent in chemical industry. Main apparatuses applied are distillation, liquid-liquid extraction columns/mixer-settlers and bubble columns applied for reaction or absorption.

For the design of the apparatuses, a good knowledge about the particle size is required as a key parameter for the interfacial area. In many cases, the particle size is based on assumptions due to a lack of an adequate measurement technique. In the first part of the talk, an optical measurement technique is discussed which is able to track the particle size online also in three phase systems. In the second part of the talk, simulation techniques will be presented to tackle two and three phase flows including population balance modelling (one group models and multi group models) and reaction modelling in an euler-euler and euler-lagrange framework.

Apoio / Parceiros

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